Bathroom Stall Installation Guides

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Is it hard to install bathroom stalls?

  • Installing bathroom stalls is fairly easy, and can be completed by any contractor or handyman that has basic tools, man-power, and installation instructions. Since panels can be heavy, we reccomend at least a crew of 2 to complete installation.

How much does it cost to have someone install bathroom stalls?

  • If you do not want to install the bathroom stalls yourself, you can hire a professional installation crew in your local area. You can expect to pay between $60-120 per stall for bathroom stall installation services. Cost is generally influenced by # of stalls, mounting style, and distance the installer has to travel. (Floor-To-Ceiling & Ceiling Hung mounting styles cost more!).

Does Partition King offer installation or know of any installers in my area?

  • Partition King does not provide bathroom stall installation, measuring services, nor do we know of any installers. All of our customers install themselves, or have people that install for them, arranged by them. We simply provide the material, installation instructions, and support.