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Bathroom Partitions. Ready to SHIP!


  • Bathroom partitions READY TO SHIP IN 48 HOURS direct to your door from multiple distribution centers nationwide.
  • MASSIVE INVENTORY with unlimited choices in materials, colors, privacy, and more.
  • In a last minute rush? We ship commercial bathroom partitions EXTREMELY FAST!
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Commercial Bathroom Partitions

Powder Coated Partitions

In Stock and Ready to Ship in 48 Hours!

LOWEST COST Powder Coated steel bathroom partitions are the lowest priced, most popular, highly durable material that is ideal for high traffic areas such as schools, churches, restaurants just to name a few. Available in 7 Quick Ship colors!

Cost: ~ $619 per stall

#1 Most Popular

Stainless Steel Partitions

In Stock and Ready to Ship in 48 Hours!

AFFORDABLE ELEGANCE Stainless Steel bathroom partitions provide a high end, elegant appearance. Stainless Steel is known for being sanitary, easy to clean and will go with any color and décor. When seeking to impress, Stainless Steel bathroom partitions will elevate any restroom.

Cost: ~ $1,156 per stall

#2 Most Popular

Solid Plastic Partitions

3 In Stock Colors Ready to Ship in 48 Hours!

SOLID AND TOUGH Solid Plastic bathroom partitions are a perfect choice for wet/highly humid  areas. Solid plastic will never need painting, will not rust or dent and the textured finish will hide attempts of vandalism,  being a solid material throughout, scratches are easily repaired. A top seller for schools and other high traffic areas.

Cost: ~ $966 per stall

#3 Most Popular

Plastic Laminate Partitions

55 Designer Colors, Wood Grains and Patterns to Choose From!

BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE Plastic Laminate bathroom partitions offer an array of stylish looks for an affordable price. With a high pressure laminate finish Plastic Laminate partitions not only look great, they are stain and impact resistant. A perfect material for higher end, lower traffic commercial restrooms.

Cost: ~ $727 per stall

#4 Most Popular

Phenolic Partitions

Heavy Duty and Superior Strength!

IMPECCABLE PERFORMANCE Phenolic bathroom partitions are made for high traffic, graffiti resistant, humid, full water contact environments yet with the sophisticated colors, wood grain and pattern options available, Phenolic is an all in one sleek, strong, power house.

Cost: ~ $961 per stall

#5 Most Popular

Dur-A-Tex Partitions

Anti-Graffiti Solution!

DIAMOND TEXTURE – HIGH GLOSS Dur-A-Tex™ bathroom partitions are highly durable, textured surface steel partitions that gives a rich, upscale appearance and creates an extreme graffiti and corrosion resistance. A popular choice for contractors, distributors, and architects seeking a higher end appearance at an economical price.

Cost: ~ $1,107 per stall

#6 Most Popular


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