How much do Bathroom Partitions cost?

Bathroom partition prices vary by material type, layout, # of stalls, mounting style, privacy series, color, and freight cost from the warehouse/factory to your shipping address. Here is a ROUGH ESTIMATE of bathroom partition costs priced from lowest to highest:

Powder Coated: Around $619 per stall.

Plastic Laminate: Around $727 per stall. (9% premium)

Solid Plastic: Around $966 per stall. (52% premium)

Phenolic: Around $961 per stall. (56% premium)

Dur-A-Tex: Around $1,107 per stall. (71% premium)

Stainless Steel: Around $1,156 per stall. (79% premium)

The above estimated prices are delivered costs and include average freight costs to a commercial delivery address. If a lift gate is required or delivery is to a residential address, additional charges will apply. Additionally, the above per unit pricing is based on a 6 stall layout. Per unit stall pricing will go up or down depending on # of stalls in the quote.

Partition King Note: We are doing our best to constantly update and adjust these prices accordingly with any supplier price increases.


What is included in a commercial bathroom stall quote?

A commercial bathroom stall quote includes a full package of materials that are needed to fully install bathroom stalls. The quote includes includes panels, doors, pilasters, headrail, hardware, and installation instructions.

  • Panels: Panels run paralell to toilets and connect back walls to front pilasters.
  • Doors: Doors are used for entry and are mounted to pilasters.
  • Pilasters: Pilasters are used for support to attach doors, connect to walls, or connect to panels.
  • Headrail: Headrail are used for stability and extra bracing in overhead braced style bathroom stalls.
  • Hardware: Hardware includes door hardware, brackets, headrail, mounting hardware, and screws. (Standard finish is chrome. Stainless steel is an upcharge).

This package includes everything you need, except standard tools for installation, which all contractors or DIY’ers should have easy access to.


How quickly can commercial bathroom partitions be delivered to my jobsite?

Standard bathroom stalls are delivered within 4-6 business days. The product ships within 48 hours upon placing the order, with an additional 1-3 business days for freight transit.

  • (We offer a large amount of standard / in-stock products: 3 materials, 2 mounting styles, various colors, and various sizes). We can fit any bathroom layout with stock size parts to be sure your project ships fast.

Custom bathroom stalls have longer lead times, which vary by material type. Take a look at our commercial bathroom stall material pages for lead times for custom products.


How can I get a quote for commercial bathroom stall partitions?

Partition King makes getting a quote for commercial bathroom stall partitions easy. We provide shop drawings, color charts, technical documents, and an invoice with every quote. Our quotes are provided for free and returned within a few hours of your request.

To get a quick quote for commercial bathroom stalls, use one of the following options:

  1. Email your drawing/layout to or upload them here.
  2. Call or Text us at 800-685-7541
  3. Live Chat with an estimator (chat box in bottom right corner).
  4. Download a blank template, fill it in, and email or text it to us.
  5. Build your own layout with our layout designer.

Be sure to include your material of choice and your shipping zip code with your request.


How much does bathroom partition installation cost?

In general, you should budget $85-125 per stall for toilet partition installation.

The cost of bathroom partition installation varies depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Number of stalls: The more stalls, the longer it will take to install, and the more costly it will be.
  • Partition mounting style: The complexity of the mounting style will also affect the time it takes to install. Ceiling Hung and Floor to Ceiling styles will take the most amount of time, and therefore will be the most costly bathroom partition mounting styles to install.
  • Labor costs in your area: The labor costs in your area will also affect the cost of installation. In general, labor costs are higher in urban areas than in rural areas.
  • Travel time: Installers charge for travel time. This will vary on how far the installation job site is from their location.


Who can install toilet partitions for me?

We have many people come to us and ask “do you know of any bathroom partition installers near me?

In general, any experienced contractor, builder, maintenance worker, or handyman should be able to install toilet partitions.

The installation manuals and installation videos we provide make it easy for most to install toilet partitions.

If your building has a contractor, builder, maintenance person, or handyman – we recommend starting there. If you are unable to find a toilet partition installer, we would recommend professional services websites such as Angi’s List or we would recommend searching for a “Division 10 Construction Installer” in your area for high end (and higher cost) installation services.

Note: There are a few mounting styles that are easier and a few that are more challenging to install. Overhead Braced & Floor Mounted styles are easier to install. Ceiling Hung and Floor to Ceiling styles are more challenging to install.


How long does it take to install commercial bathroom partitions?

Generally, it will take an experienced installer about 30-45 minutes to install one bathroom partition – depending on the mounting style. Overhead braced and floor mounted toilet partitions are the quickest mounting styles to install. Ceiling hung and floor to ceiling mounting styles take the longest to install.

Keep in mind, it will also take time to dismantle and dispose of the existing partitions (if applicable) and also take some time for cleanup and wipe down of the bathroom partitions.